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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
b. Install wearing ring (6) in stuffing box cover (15).
c. Install wearing ring (8) in suction port of casing (13).
d. Install synthetic rubber deflector (22) on motor shaft (23).
e. Install gland (20) on shaft sleeve (21).
f. Install shaft sleeve (21) with gland (20) intact, on motor shaft.
g. Install mechanical seal (17) on shaft sleeve (21) from casing end of pump.
h. Install sleeve spacer (3) on shaft sleeve (21) from casing end of pump.
i. Install preformed packing (14) on stuffing box cover (15).
j. Install stuffing box cover (15) on sleeve spacer (3) and shaft sleeve (21)
with gland studs (18) aligned with gland (20).
k. Install two gland nuts (18) on gland studs (19) and secure gland (20) to
stuffing box cover (15). Tighten gland nuts until both surfaces make
l. Install shoulder shaft (10) by screwing clockwise on motor shaft (23).
m. Install impeller key (9).
n. Install centrifugal pump impeller (7).
o. Install impeller nut (11) by turning nut clockwise.
p. Install casing (13) over stuffing box assembly, being careful to not pinch or
disturb preformed packing (14) as mounting screw holes are aligned.
q. Install eight hex head capscrews (1). Tighten opposing capscrews evenly
around the adapter until the stuffing box has been drawn evenly into the
casing. Then alternately tighten each capscrew to 25 ft-lb torque (33.9
N m).
r. Install plug (12).
s. Install metal tube assembly (5) by connecting fittings (2) and (4).
t. Motor adapter positioning:
(1) Position the motor to the pump by upending the assembly on the motor end
and tapping the pump with a soft face hammer in different directions until
the impeller can be turned freely in the casing. This is accomplished by
reaching into the suction port and turning the impeller by hand.
(2) Secure motor adapter (25) to motor (26) with four hex head capscrews (24).


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