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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
a. Install zone modules (31) and secure with 12 retaining screws (30, Sheet 2).
b. Connect electrical leads (29) to zone modules. Remove tags.
c. Replace storage battery (28).
d. Connect electrical leads at terminal blocks (26, 27).
e. Install power transformer (battery charger transfer) (25) and secure with eight retaining screws (23).
f. Plug-in electrical plugs (24).
g. Install power supply (21) and secure with ten retaining screws (20).
h. Connect electrical leads at terminal board (22). Remove tags.
i. Install voltmeter (meter module) (18) and secure with four retaining screws (17).
j. Plug-in electrical plug (19).
k. Insert key in keyhole (4) and close and lock door (2, Sheet 1).
l. Install electrical bell (11) on mounting bracket (12). Replace hex head screw (10).
m. Connect electrical cable (13) to bell.
n. Install power transformer (isolation) (8) on mounting studs (7).
o. Secure with hex head nuts (6).
p. Connect electrical cables (9) to power transformer. Remove tags.
To prevent personal injury from the weight of the panel, two
soldiers are required for this procedure.
a. Position fire detection control panel (1) on bulkhead (sheet 1.
b. Secure with 12 mounting screws (3).
c. Connect electrical cables (5, 14, 15, and 16). Remove tags.
d. Turn circuit breaker 16 on in EP102. Remove tags.
e. Notify the bridge that maintenance on the fire detection system is complete.


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