Quantcast REPLACEMENT - TM-55-1905-223-24-18-20651

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
(9) Place fixed glass (7) on motor (10) and secure using bezel ring (8).
Be sure glass is clean on both sides before installing.
(10) Place fixed glass (7) with motor (10) in frame ring (2) and secure using frame retaining bezel ring
To install rotating glass hold glass firmly while turning the rotating cap clockwise.
(11) Install rotating glass (12) and secure using rotating cap (13).
a. Apply sealing tape (4, Figure 3-179) and sealant adhesive (5) around bulkhead opening and window
Window assembly weighs approximately 100 pounds. To prevent personal injury at least two soldiers should
handle window.
b. Carefully place rotary window assembly (9) in position.
c. Install washers (6), capscrews (7), and self-locking nuts (8).
d. Remove tags and connect electrical wiring at terminal block.
e. Install junction box cover (2) on junction box (1).
f. Secure cover using screw (3).
g. Remove tag and turn clearview screen heater Switch to the ON position.
h. Check rotary window assembly for proper operation.


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