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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
d. Install removable lifting eyes on top of ship service switchboard, if removed.
e. Attach lifting fixture to lifting eyes.
Repair is by replacement of ship service switchboard.
The following procedure describes actions required to complete
installation of ship service switchboard once the switchboard has
been placed into position in vessel.
a. Remove lifting fixture from lifting eyes.
b. Install associated hardware to secure switchboard to channel mounting base.
c. Install cable entrance plates with attached electrical cables with associated hardware.
d. Connect all electrical wiring to buses and terminal boards. Remove.tags.
e. Install all removed component parts as specified in paragraphs 2-291 through 2-297 .
f. Turn on power to ship service switchboard and remove tags.
g. Set circuit breakers, switches, rheostats, voltage regulators, and variable resistors to their required
positions and observe meters and indicators.


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