Quantcast FIGURE 3-189. Cutting New Gasket

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
(1) Adhesive splice new gasket (6). Replacement gasket (6) must be cut to fit around shaft and
between stern tube and stern tube end plate (7) using Loctite, Catalog No. 0112, as follows:
Clean-up solvent contains dimethyl formanide and is considered
toxic. This solvent is, provided with the Adhesive Kit for clean-
up and is not essential to the splicing procedure. Using clean-
up solvent, application should be used sparingly and limited to
areas of the vessel having exhaust ventilation (such as under an
exhaust hood). Use eye protection and rubber gloves. In case
of skin contact, wash with soap and water.  In case of eye
contact, flush with water and seek medical attention as soon as
(2) Splicing. Clean razor blade with clean-up solvent, soap and water, or available degreasing solvent
before each cut. Most razor blades are coated with a film of silicone oil to prevent rusting, which
will interfere with good bonding of the spliced joint.
Ensure that the gasket being used is of the correctly sized cross
section for the groove it will fit (check part number). Always use
a sharp razor blade since excessive pressure during cutting will
distort the rubber.
Do not touch cut ends.
contamination from dirt and oil during handling.
(3) With gasket lying on a clean flat surface (Figure 3-189), use one slicing motion to cut the gasket to
avoid jagged edges. Make the cut vertically, approximately on the radius, to form an "O" section.
Cutting New Gasket.


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