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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
The adhesive is a cyanoacrylate type which is an eye irritant. In
case of accident, flush with water only and seek medical
attention as soon as possible. The adhesive bonds quickly and
strongly on contact. In case of skin bonding, carefully peel or
cut apart contacted areas.  Do not pull apart as adhesive is
stronger than skin and will tear skin off. Bond may be softened
by soaking in nail polish remover or acetone.
(4) Make the splice by applying a small drop of adhesive to one end of the cut gasket. If excess
is applied, strike gasket on hard surface to shake off excess.
(5) Immediately place gasket around shaft in groove on stern tube and plate and push ends of
gasket together evenly in groove and maintain firm pressure on ends at joint for 10-30
(6) After 30 second cure, remove adhesive residue from end plate surface and gasket surface by
wiping with clean, dry rag or scraping with a smooth plastic or brass tool, using care not to cut
or scuff gasket surface.
Do not use clean-up solvent to clean gasket. Allow adhesive to
cure 1 hour minimum at room temperature before flexing or
(7) After curing time of 1 hour, flex the bonded gasket joint and examine joint for lack of bond.
Do not proceed with replacement if joint shows lack of bond.
(8) Waterproof the bonded joint with a coating of Loctite waterproofing solution over the bond
line. Apply just enough solution to cover the bond line completely and prevent air bubbles
from forming in the coating, which will cause the coating to be porous.
(9) Allow waterproofing solution to cure for 1O minutes. If still tacky, applying a coating of
silicone grease in step (10) will ensure satisfactory installation.
(10) Inspect new gasket (6, Figure 3-188) in groove on plate (7) to ensure it fits groove. Apply
coating of silicone grease to new gasket (6).
(11) Slide stuffing box assembly (4) and stern tube and plate (7) along shaft and against stern
(12) Install eight split-ring lockwashers (3) and hex head capscrews (2) to secure end plate (7)
and stuffing box assembly (4) to stern tube. Tighten hex head capscrews to 350 ft-lb torque.
(13) Install new lock wire (1) into hexhead capscrews (2) and secure.


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