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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
Using a lifting sling to expander tube brake will prevent injury to
personnel and damage to equipment.
a. Attach lifting sling to replacement expander tube brake (12) and support brake while installing. Brake
weighs in excess of 556 pounds.
b. Raise brake assembly (12)  and position exactly above mounting support brackets (7)  on
engine/gearbox mounting foundation rails (8).  Lower brake assembly down to match up with
mounting holes on propeller shaft flange (10).
c. Install twelve mounting bolts (11) and secure brake drum (2) and brake element (3) to propeller
shaft flange (10).
d. Install brake element support brackets (4) and four dowels (1).
e. Install four bolts (6) and nuts and secure brake element support brackets (4) to mounting support
brackets (7). Tighten bolts to 600 ft-lbs torque.
f. Remove lifting sling.


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