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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
Repair to the hot water heater at this level of maintenance is by replacement of hot water heater (12,
Figure 3-208), corrosion preventive anode (4), thermostatic switch (2), fuse block (5), transformer (6),
thermostatic switch (8) and contactor (9).
a. Install contactor (9, Figure 3-209), thermostatic switch (8), transformer (6), fuse block (5).
b. Close hinged access door (7).
c. Install corrosion preventive anode (4) and thermostatic switch (2).
d. Install top cover plugs (3) on hot water heater (1).
Apply teflon tape to all connections prior to installation.
a. Place hot water heater (12, Figure 3-208) in position.
b. Install strap (13) on hot water heater (12) and secure using bolts (5) and nuts (4). Do not tighten yet.
c. Install bolts (7) and nuts (8) on base of hot water heater (12).
d. Torque all mount bolts to 18 ft-lb (24 Nm).
e. Connect hot water piping (2) and cold water piping (6).
f. Open hinged access door (10).
g. Remove tags and connect electrical leads to terminal block (11).
h. Open cold water isolation valve (3).
i. Open hot water supply valve (1).
j. Remove warning tag and turn on electrical power at 240V main switchboard.
k. Check hot water heater for leaks and proper operation.
l. Close hinged access door (10).


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