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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
ASSEMBLY (Figure 4-5)
a. Frame.
Frame installation procedures are covered in paragraph 3-17, vertical gear assembly.
b. Bowl Assembly (Self-Locking Screws).
(1) Install self-locking screw (9) into frame by turning handle clockwise several turns to secure
handle in frame.
(2) Install self-locking screw into opposite side of frame.
c. Hood Support Subassemnbly.
(1) Install cylindrical pin(6) on frame top.
(2) Position hood support (8) on cylindrical pin.
(3) Install flat washer (4) and machine screw (3) and secure hood support to frame top.
(4) Install cylindrical pin (5) into hood support (8).
(5) Install threaded pin (7) and secure pin (5).
d. Brake Subassembly.
(1) Install brake housing (24) and handle (25) on frame.
(2) Install threaded pin (23).
(3) Position cylindrical spring (1) and brake bolt (2) (inside gearbox housing) over brake housing
(4) Hand hold brake bolt (2) and turn handle (25) clockwise to engage brake bolt. Turn handle
several more turns to make sure brake bolt is secured to brake housing.
e. Revolution Indicator Housing.
For installing a new sight glass, use oil and heat resistant porcelain cement or two-
component adhesive.
(1) Apply a coating of cement around edges of sight glass lens frame on revolution housing (15).
(2) Allow proper drying time in accordance with directions then, attach sight glass (17).


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