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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
j. Remove four machine screws (11) securing motorized pump (14).
k. Separate and remove motorized pump (14) and fluid control ring (12) from motor shaft.
l. Remove pipe plug (10) from motorized pump (14).
Repair of motorized pump assembly consists of replacing stator (9), rotor (5), universal joint (3),
mechanical seal (1) motorized pump (14).
a. Position motor (13) (part of motorized pump 14) on a clean flat surface.
b. Install pipe plug (10) on motorized pump (14).
c. Clean and oil motor shaft using clean light oil (not grease).
d. Install fluid control ring (12) on motorized pump (14) on motor shaft with mounting screw holes aligned
with motor (13).
e. Install four machine screws (11) and secure motorized pump (14) to motor.
f. Clean and oil lapped sealing faces of mechanical seal (1) using clean light oil (not grease).
g. Oil outer surface of mechanical seal seat, then install seal on motor shaft and into the motorized
h. Position universal joint (3) on motor shaft with pin holes aligned. (Ensure that mechanical seal (1) is
properly seated in pump body.)
i. Install pin (2) by using a punch through outlet port of motorized pump (14) to secure pin (2) on motor
j. Position rotor (5) on universal joint (3) with pin holes aligned. Support rotor and universal joint when
pin is installed.
k. Install pin (4) by using a punch to secure rotor (5) to universal joint (3).
l. Install stator (9) on rotor (5).
m. Position housing (6) on motorized pump with mounting screw holes aligned. (Ensure that inlet port on
housing (6) is horizontally aligned with outlet port on motorized pump (14).
n. Install six machine screws (7) and secure housing (6) to motorized pump (14).
o. Water pump/motor assembly replaced as specified in paragraph 3-32 .


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