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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
a. Install stern tube bearing (33, Sheet 3) with packing material (34) in stern tube from outside vessel
b. Install four hex head capscrews (36) and tighten alternately until secure.
c. Install lock wire (35) into hex head capscrews (36) holes and pigtail lock wire ends.
d. Install strut barrel bearing (37, Sheet 4) with packing (41) in strut barrel and against end plate (38).
Ensure packing (41) is not disturbed.
e. Install four hex head capscrews (40) and tighten alternately until bearing (39) flange is secure.
f. Install lock wire (42) through hex head capscrew (40) holes and pigtail ends.
g. Apply silicone grease to packing (46, Sheet 5) and place packing into groove on bronze bar gland
At this time, depot maintenance will have installed shaft propeller coupling key and
set screw (Sheet 5). The bronze bar gland (45) and packing (46) will have to be
installed over the shaft as the shaft is installed.
h. As shaft (7, Sheet 1) is being installed and prior to entering the barrel, install bronze bar gland (45,
Sheet 5) and packing (46) on shaft. As the shaft is being forced into the vessel, the packing (46) will
slide along the shaft because of the silicone grease. Clean all silicone grease from shaft as it passes
through the packing (46) and bronze gland (45) with solvent.
i. Guide the shaft (7, Sheet 1) through each bearing (23), being careful not to damage bearings. On the
inside of vessel, guide shaft (7) through pilot end plate (12), stuffing box assembly (14), suspended
and supported expander tube brake (15) and shaft coupling flange (16), stopping short enough for
access to end of shaft to install coupling nut (19), lock bar (20) and coupling key (17).
j. Install shaft machine coupling key (17) into groove on shaft (7). Secure key (17) with socket head
capscrew (18).
k. Install coupling nut (19) with forward locking bar (20) attached onto shaft threads and secure with
special purpose wrench (Sheet 2).
l. Continue sliding shaft (7, Sheet 1) forward until locking bar (20) mates with coupling on reduction gear
m. Align shaft coupling flange (16) bore groove with shaft machine coupling key (17) and slide coupling
flange up to reducing gearbox flange.


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