Quantcast Tool and Test Equipment Requirements (Section III)

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TM 55-1905-223-24-18-2
F - Direct Support
H - General Support
D - Depot
e.  Column 5, Tools and Equipment.  Column 5 specifies by code, those common tool sets, (not
individual tools) and special tools, test, and support equipment required to perform the designated function.
f. Column 6, Remarks. Column 6 contains an alphabetic code which leads to the remark in Section IV,
Remarks, which is pertinent to the item opposite the particular code.
4. Tool and Test Equipment Requirements (Section III).
a. Tool or Test Equipment Reference Code. The numbers in this column coincide with the numbers
used in the tools and equipment column of the MAC. The numbers indicate the applicable tool or test
equipment for the maintenance functions.
b. Maintenance Level. The codes in this column indicate the maintenance level allocated the tool or test
c. Nomenclature. This column lists the noun name and nomenclature of the tools and test equipment
required to perform the maintenance functions.
d. National/NATO Stock Number. This column lists the National/NATO stock number of the specific tool
or test equipment.
e. Tool Number. This column lists the manufacturer's part number of the tool followed by the Federal
8uppLy Code for manufacturers (5-digit) in parentheses.
5. Remarks (Section IV).
a. Reference Code. This code refers to the appropriate item in Section II, Column 6.
b.  Remarks.  This column provides the required explanatory information necessary to clarify items
appearing in Section II.
B-3/(B4 blank)


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