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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
(fire, smoke, explosion, flooding, etc.) shall immediately report the incident to the bridge (quarterdeck in port) by the
fastest means possible stating:
Type of damage (if known).
Location (compartment noun name, frame, deck, port/ starboard side, etc.).
Estimate of extent of damage (if known).
Name, grade/rate, and telephone number (if used) of individual reporting damage.
There will be many cases which should be corrected "on the spot" by the individual discovering the damage. All damage,
including that seemingly minor and corrected by the crew member alone or with the help of one or two others, shall be
reported to the Officer of the Deck (OOD).
Battle dress. When general quarters is sounded, battle dress will be promptly donned. Long-sleeved
shirts, safety shoes, helmets, and life jackets will be worn. Protective masks will be broken out and ready for use.
Relaxing of full battle dress may be authorized by the vessel master in spaces where it restricts necessary personnel
movement (for example, on the bridge, in radio room, and in main engineering spaces). In these cases, those items will
be available in a location known to personnel involved. Personal clothing will be adjusted to cover maximum body area
to prevent flash burns.
Investigating and reporting damage. It is presupposed that the damage has been initially reported to
command and the damage control organization has responded. Therefore, actions described herein are those which
should be carried out by the damage control organization and reported to command via the Damage Control Center.
When the damage is reported or suspected as a result of any outside influence, an immediate investigation shall be
conducted to determine the type and extent of damage. Prompt investigation and accurate reporting will allow the
engineer to evaluate the damage, to make effective repairs, and to keep command informed of the extent of damage,
the corrective action in progress or recommended, and the status of ship's stability and maneuverability.
While the need for immediate investigation of damage is stressed, the need for caution on the part of the investigators
remains paramount.


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