Quantcast INTRODUCTION - TM-55-1915-200-SDC0026

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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
A HANDSFREE/NORMAL/PRESS-TO-TALK switch. The HANDSFREE position allows the operator to talk
and listen. without pushing the switch to the PRESS-TO-TALK position.
A VOLUME control switch for incoming loudspeaker audio.
A DIMMER switch for illumination control.
A release (REL) lamp, CALL lamp, and a BUSY lamp.
There are also several remote loudspeaker (talk back) stations. These stations consist of loudspeakers, talk switches,
and busy indicators. Each remote talk back speaker is connected to only one master station and not to the entire
intercom network. If a communication is initiated from the master station, the remote operator replies hands-free. If the
communication is initiated from the remote loudspeaker station, the remote talk switch must be maintained in the talk
position to receive the reply from the master station, unless the master station operator operates the selector switch for
the calling station.
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