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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
p. Make continuous progress reports to DCC who will pass information to command. These shall include:
(1) Location of fire.
(2) Class of fire.
(3) Electrical power secured.
(4) Fire boundaries set (location).
(5) Fire under control.
(6) Fire out.
(7) Reflash watch set.
(8) First oxygen and explosive tests.
(9) Fire overhauled.
(10) Second oxygen and explosive tests.
(11) Compartment desmoked.
(12) Third oxygen, third explosive and toxic tests.
(13) Compartment safe to enter.
(14) Electrical circuits and ventilation systems tested.
(15) Amount of damage done.
(16) Electrical power restored or isolated.
Crew members without OBAs will not enter a compartment prior to the compartment being tested
as safe to enter. Serious personal injury to crew members could result.
q. If C02 is directed into a fire so that sufficient oxygen to support combustion is no longer available, the flames will
subside. Depending on the fuel, this action will take place when the normal 21 percent oxygen in the air is diluted with
C02 to 15 percent oxygen or less. Some Class A fuels require that it be reduced to less than 6 percent oxygen in order
to extinguish glowing embers. The smothering action of C02 gas is temporary, however, and the fire fighter must
remember that the fire will quickly rekindle if the oxygen is supplied again in the presence of an ignition source. The
temperature of the burning substance and its surroundings must be lowered below its ignition temperature if the fire is to
remain extinguished.


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