Quantcast FIGURE 8-3. Strengthening Seams and Frames.

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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
how beams and frames may be ruptured or weakened and illustrates methods for strengthening these vital structural
parts of the ship.
Supports for heavy equipment may be pushed back into place with screw jacks and shoring and later secured with
stanchions made of heavy pipe welded in place. Chainfalls and heavy wires, possibly fitted with turnbuckles, may be
found useful in pulling plating and equipment back to their original positions. Supports under dislocated machinery often
must be carried down several decks because a single deck may not have the strength to support all the weight. It may
be necessary to make successive supports down to the bottom frames.
In shoring heavy weights, the butt of the shore is to be placed on a solid frame, or the weight spread between two or
three frames by the use of sholes and cross-timbers.
FIGURE 8-3. Strengthening Seams and Frames.


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