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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
The sheet metal in the body of the patch must be as heavy and strong as possible, but it should be capable of being
sprung or bent so the gap will go over the pipe to be repaired. A sheet of packing is first put over the hole, extending well
on either side of it. The jubilee clamp is then sprung open and clamped over the packing. When the bolts are tightened,
this patch will easily hold upward of one hundred pounds pressure.
Every damage control locker should contain several of these homemade patches in assorted sizes because each patch
fits only one size pipe.
c. Soft patches. Small holes or cracks in low-pressure (150 psi.) piping often can be repaired by what are known as
soft patches. Examples of the application of soft patches on a low-pressure pipe line are shown in FIGURE 8-6.
FIGURE 8-6. Soft Patch on Low Pressure Pipe Line.


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