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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
h. Gasoline or other flammable fluid lines. Soft patches are not recommended for gasoline or other flammable fluid
lines because the slightest leak would create a tremendous fire hazard. It is far safer to renew the damaged section.
The plastic patch can be used as an emergency repair.
i. Renewing piping. If the pipe has been badly holed or ruptured, patching may not suffice and it may be necessary
to renew a section. It is advisable to carry spare sections of the smaller sizes of important pipe. In an emergency, it may
be possible to remove a section from an unimportant system to use where the need is more urgent. If the original pipe
was fitted with screw flanges, remove the entire damaged section, cut screw threads on the new piece, screw the flanges
onto the new piece, and install it. The flanges are bolted together. To renew only the damaged part of a small pipe, cut
out the damaged area with hacksaws, and cut a piece of pipe almost the same length as the gap. Cut screw threads on
all exposed ends of pipe and make up the joints by using pipe unions and couplings. Cut the filler piece short enough to
permit inserting the pipe fittings. White lead may be used on screw threads to seal the joint.
Unions may be improvised similar to the soft patches previously described. If the joints are not held together, they may
be pushed apart by pressure reaction. It is advisable to force the joints together by means of lines, shores, or wedges.
j. Metal clamping tool. The metal clamping tool, usually referred to as the band-it clamp, has many uses in the
repair of piping. It is comparatively simple to operate and produces a very effective repair when applied as indicated in
The metal clamping tool is supplied in a kit which consists of the following items:
(1) Steel bands in 100-ft.
lengths, and in widths of 3/8-inch (breaking strength 900 pounds) to 3/4-inch
breaking strength 2400 pounds).
(2) The metal clamping tool which tightens and cuts the steel bands.
(3) Steel buckles.
(4) Strongbacks-2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch pipe.


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