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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
b. Assembly 2: P/N MILR17882 Assy 2; NSN 4730-00-542-3362
(1) 4 cans of paste resin, 300 grams each.
(2) 4 cans of past hardener, 75 grams each.
(3) 4 depressors, wood, tongue.
8-15. PLASTIC PIPE ADVANTAGES. The principal advantages of the plastic patch in damage control are:
a. Versatility.
b. Simplicity.
c. Effectiveness.
d. Speed of application.
e. Durability.
The plastic is versatile because the patch can be successfully applied to piping systems, fittings, bulkheads and decks,
and (in paste mixtures) used as a filler for cracks and small (1-inch) holes where the pressures are under 300 lb./in. and
the temperature does not exceed 200 F. The patch has excellent adhesive qualities when applied to ferrous and
cuprous metals and can be employed for emergency repairs to a variety of damaged structures having smooth or jagged
protruding edges. Plastic patches can be applied under conditions which delay repairs by other methods and in many
cases require permanent repairs or replacements before service can be restored to the damaged system.
The preparation and application of the plastic patch can be accomplished with basic knowledge and training.
The application of the pipe or surface patch is comparable to that of a battle dressing in first aid, and the use of the paste
is as simple as applying putty.
Plastic patches, when properly applied, are completely effective. In those infrequent instances when defects
occur, the leakage may be found at the extremities of the patch, between the patch and the metal surface. Such leaks
generally are less than one percent and do not become greater. Defects, when they occur, generally are attributed to
faulty preparation or application.
It can be assumed that the speed of application of a plastic patch is basically determined by the size and type of
rupture and the local working conditions. A simple type patch can be applied to a 4-inch pipe in less than 10 minutes.
Various types of damage may require varying preparation times, but once the patch is properly in place, the type and
size of the rupture or the size and shape of the structure have little effect on the time involved.
The maximum patch life has not been determined, but all indications are that a properly applied patch will last
until such time as a permanent repair or replacement can be made. However, it must be


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