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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
8-20. FLAT PATCH (LIQUID). The simple flat patch is approved for making plastic repairs to ruptures in metallic and
nonmetallic surfaces.
Ruptures up to and including 12 inches in diameter, or square, successfully can be repaired by using procedures
similar to those employed in making pipe repairs. For ruptures more than 6 inches in diameter, the patch overlap should
increase 1 inch for each inch of increased diameter. The greater the overlap, the larger the area to which the patch will
adhere and thus increase the total strength of the patch. FIGURE 8-10 illustrates a patch over a 12-inch hole.
FIGURE 8-10. Patch Size for 12-Inch Hole.
8-21. APPLICATION TO VERTICAL SURFACE. The sequence in the application of a simple flat patch to a vertical flat
surface, shall be:
a. Follow carefully all preparation instructions. Use goggles and gloves provided with the repair kit.
b. Lay the first ply of woven roving cloth of a flat surface. Starting at one end, pour the resin hardener mixture,
spreading evenly with a spatula over the entire area. Work toward the opposite end. Care should be taken to ensure
that the edges are well impregnated.
c. Coat the surface to be patched by rubbing with impregnated cloth.
d. Center the impregnated cloth over the damaged area.


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