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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
8-23. PASTE PATCH. The paste resin paste hardener mixture can be used for repairs to cavities, cracks and small
holes. It is suitable for repairs to small bulkhead holes such as those resulting from the removal of electric cables, small
fuel oil tank ruptures, small piping system ruptures, and the cracked water end casing of reciprocating fire and bilge
pumps. It also is recommended for such emergency repairs as eroded or ruptured centrifugal pump casings, and the
like. It should not be used for holes larger than 1 inch in diameter because the uncured resin may sag, fall through or pull
away. When cured, the paste mixture is less shock-resistant than the liquid resin used with glass reinforcement. In
general, for maximum strength, repair with the glass reinforced liquid hardener system.
a. Preparation. The following preparations must be made prior to the application of the plastic patch.
Trichloroethane vapor, when used in poorly ventilated and confined spaces may result in
damage to the lungs, eyes, and skin, and is toxic if taken internally. Avoid any prolonged or
repeated breathing of the vapor or contact with the skin. In addition, the evaporative products
resulting in the heating of trichloroethane are more toxic than the unheated liquid, so caution
must be taken not to use trichloroethane on any heated surfaces.
(1) Clean the area adjacent to the rupture to insure it is free of oil, grease, dirt, paint, and other foreign matter.
If grease or oil is present, use an approved cleaning solution such as Stoddard or trichloroethane (methyl chloroform). If
neither of these solvents is available, scrape and wipe free. When a clean surface is obtained, the surface may be
further abraded for better adhesion using the abrasive cloth furnished with the kit.
The surface to be cleaned should extend approximately 1 inch beyond the entire periphery of the
(2) Make sure that the ruptured surface is dry.
(3) Determine the amount of paste resin and paste hardener that will be required. For example, one can of
paste resin (300 grams) mixed with one can of paste hardener (75 grams) is sufficient to fill a ruptured area 1 inch thick
by 4 inches square (16-cubic-inch volume).
b. Application. The simple paste patch is applied in the following sequence to vertical overhead or underside or
horizontal surfaces.


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