Quantcast FIGURE 8-12. Bulkhead Repair.

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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
(1) Follow carefully all preparation instructions (using facing shields, goggles, and gloves provided with the
(2) Remove the paste resin and paste hardener from containers and mix on a flat surface, using only an
amount sufficient to make each repair.
(3) Apply paste mixture to the rupture, applying sufficient pressure to force the mixture into and through the
entire thickness of the ruptured material (extruding slightly as shown in FIGURE 8-12), leaving a convex working surface
extending approximately 1 inch beyond the entire periphery of the rupture.
(4) Place the PVC film over the paste mixture and smooth over lightly. The PVC may be removed after the
mixture is cured.
FIGURE 8-12. Bulkhead Repair.
Eroded piping, internal pump casings, condenser heads, and tube sheets can be repaired temporarily with the
paste mixture. The application of the paste mixture with modifications suitable to the individual repair is substantially the
same regardless of the type of small crack or cavity involved. For all such minor repairs, after proper preparatory action
has been taken, the application consists principally of troweling, squeezing, or molding the paste mixture to conform to
the defective area.


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