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TM 55-1915-200-SDC
c. Immediately relieve and treat anyone evidencing sensitization.
d. Wash all equipment with hot water and soap.
e. Change clothes and shower after completion or work.
f. Scrub down with a good natural skin detergent before securing and leaving the area. Wash hands frequently.
g. Keep fingernails trimmed short and clean.
h. Do not expose yourself to or breathe the noxious fumes given off during cure.
i. Avoid spilling plastic materials. Keep kraft paper in areas where material is likely to spill or drip.
j. Keep resin and hardener off skin areas whenever possible and use protective ointment. If contaminated, remove
material as feasible, using hot water and soap.
k. Keep resin and hardener out of eyes; if contaminated, immediately rinse with water and obtain medical
l. Remember always that a continuous high state of personal cleanliness is your most important and effective
protection. Wear gloves and goggles provided in this kit.
m. Resin and hardeners are available on most ships which are incompatible with those provided in these kits. Do
not mix resin or hardener from any other source with those supplied in the repair kit. There is a probability that a violent
reaction will occur if resins and hardeners are interchanged.
8-31 (8-32 blank)


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