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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
Table 5-1. Fuel System-Injector-Incorrect
Fuel Output Troubleshooting (Cont).
Incorrect fuel output (Cont).
Step 4.
Worn plunger and bushing.
After the possibility of an incorrect or faulty tip has been eliminated and the
injector output still does not fall within its specific limits, replace the plunger
and bushing with a new assembly.
The fuel output of an injector varies with the use of different spray tips of the same size
due to manufacturing tolerances in drilling the tips. If the fuel output does not fall within
the specified limits of the Fuel Output Check Table, try changing the spray tip. However,
use only a tip specified for the injector being tested.
Step 5.
Cracked valve parts.
Replace the cracked parts.
Step 6.
Cracked bushing.
Replace the plunger and bushing assembly.
Step 7.
Poor lapped surfaces.
Re-lap the sealing surfaces.
Step 8.
Foreign material between valve and seat.
Disassemble the injector and clean the parts.
Step 9.
Rack and gear not in time.
Assemble the gear with the drill spot mark on the tooth engauged between the two
marked teeth of the rack.


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