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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
m. Examine the seating area of the
needle valve for wear or damage.
Also examine the needle quill and
its contact point with the valve
spring seat. Replace damaged or
excessively worn parts.
n. Examine the needle valve seat area
in the spray tip for foreign
material. The smallest particle of
such material can prevent the
needle valve from seating properly-.
Polish the seat area with polishing
stick. Coat only the tapered end
of the stick with polishing compound
and insert it directly into the
center of the spray tip until it
bottoms. Rotate the stick 6 to 12
times, applying a light pressure
with the thumb and forefinger.
Be sure that no compound is accidentally placed on
the lapped surfaces located higher up in the spray
tip. The slightest lapping action on these surfaces
can alter the near-perfect fit between the needle
valve and tip.
o. Before reinstalling used injector
parts, lap all of the sealing
surfaces indicated by the arrows in
the figure in step k. It is also
good practice to lightly lap the
sealing surfaces of new injector
parts which may become burred or
nicked during handling.


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