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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
d. If for any reason the cup plugs in the water jackets
were removed, install new plugs as follows:
Clean the cup plug holes and apply Permatex
No. 1 sealant, or equivalent, to the outer di-
ameter of the plugs.
Drive the plugs in place with handle and adaptor.
3. After the cylinder block has been cleaned, it must be pressure tested for cracks or leaks by either one of
two methods.
a. This method may be used when a large enough water
tank is available and the cylinder block is com-
pletely stripped of all parts.
Seal off the water inlet and outlet holes air
tight. This can be done by using steel plates
and suitable rubber gaskets held in place by
bolts. Drill and tap one cover plate to pro-
vide a connection for an air line.
Immerse the block for twenty minutes in a tank
of water heated to 180-200F (82.2-93.3C).
Apply 40 psi (275.8 kPa) air pressure to the
water jacket and observe the water in the tank
for bubbles which indicate the presence of
cracks or leaks in the block. A cracked cylin-
der block must be replaced by a new block.
(4) After the pressure test is completed, remove
the block from the water tank. Then remove
the plates and gaskets and dry the block with
compressed air.
b. This method may be used when a large water tank is
unavailable, or when it is desired to check the


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