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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
If stock is removed from the cylinder head con-
tact surfaces of the block, check the depth of
the seal ring grooves and counterbores. The
cylinder head seal strip grooves must be
.092-.107 inch deep. The large water hole
counterbores (between the cylinders) must be
.109-.120 inch deep, and the combination water
and oil hole counterbores and small water hole
counterbores must be .087-.098 inch deep. If
necessary, deepen the grooves or counterbores
to the specified limits to retain the proper
"crush" on the seal rings. It is not nec-
essary to deepen the counterbores for the
cylinder liners since .004 inch and .008 inch
undersize thickness inserts are available for
adjusting the liner position as outlined in
Chapter 3 paragraph 3-40 underFitting Cylin-
der Liner in Block Bore.
h. Make sure the cylinder liner counterbores in the
block are clean and free of dirt. Then check the
depth. The depth must be .4770 inch to .4795
inch and must not vary more than .0015 inch through-
out the entire circumference. The counterbored
surfaces must be smooth and square with the cylinder


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