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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
a. The governor maintenance at this level of maintenance is limited to the hydraulic governor drive and
the synchronizing motor.
b. Description
(1) The governor drive assembly, consists of an integral horizontal drive shaft and bevel gear
and an integral vertical driven shaft and bevel gear, both mounted on ball bearings and
contained in a governor drive housing.
(2) Drive to the horizontal shaft is through serrations on shaft engaging with serrations in the upper
blower rotor shaft. The governor proper is driven through splines on the lower end of the ball
head registering with splines in upper end f the driven shaft sleeve.
(3) The bearing on the horizontal shaft is retained by two bolts, flatwashers, and lockwashers and
on the vertical shaft by two set screws, flatwashers, and lockwashers. The drive housing flange
at the drive shaft is gasketed and bolted to the blower front end cover, while the governor is
gasketed and bolted to the drive housing at the driven shaft opening.
c. Lubrication
(1) Gears and bearings f the governor drive assembly are lubricated by surplus oil from the
governor which spills over the moving parts and then returns to the engine crankcase through
connecting drilled passages in the blower front end plate and cylinder block.
(2) If the governor fails to control the engine speed properly, the fault may lie in the governor
drive. To function properly, the clearance between the bevel gears f the drive and driven
shafts should not be less than .001 inch or exceed .003 inch.
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