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TM 55-1905-219-14-10
1. Preparation for test:
1. Install a new filter element.
2. Make sure reserve tank, reserve tank screen
element, and orifice assembly are clean.
3. Open vent valve on top of the turbine housing
and bleed valve on top of the radiator. Remove
radiator filler cap. Add approximately 7
gallons (26.5 liters) of oil (OE/HDO) through
the radiator filler opening until fluid flows
from the vent on top of the turbine housing.
Close vent valve and continue filling, until
the oil level reaches the filler opening.
Then close bleed valve. Tightly install filler
cap to prevent leakage when operating. Remove
filler cap from reserve tank. Fill tank with
oil (OE HDO) approximately 3 qts. (2.84 liters)
to one inch below the full mark on dip stick.
Install filler cap, start engine, and operate
at half throttle. Check all fittings for leaks.
4. Check pressure gage for operating pressure.
Normal operating pressure is 45 to 65 PSI and
fluid temperature under 200 when converter
is properly filled and vented. The pressure
gage responds instantly to full pressure upon
starting the engine and zero pressure upon stop-
ping. Sluggishness indicates air trapped within
unit requiring further venting at the high point
bleed valve. At part-throttle operation, check
reserve tank oil level frequently to assure ade-
quate fluid level. Add fluid as required.


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