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TM 55-1905-220-14-9
all burrs and dents to avoid internal restrictions and to permit proper fit with companion fitings. If tubing is cut
with a hack saw, use a fine-tooth blade, preferably 32-teeth per inch.
k. When making soldered or brazed joints, brighten up the ends of the tubing or pipe with a wire brush
or crocus cloth to make a good bond. Do not use sandpaper, emery cloth, or steel wool for this cleansing since
this material may enter the system and cause derangement.
1. Never use acid for soldering and be sure to use a flux whose residual substance will not form an acid.
Use flux sparingly so that residues will not enter the system. Remember, any foreign matter entering the
system eventually will be washed back to the compressor and cause damage.  The danger of admitting
excessive flux as well as solder or brazing alloy is accentuated if fittings and tubing are improperly fitted
because of distortion in prepartion.
m. The piping requiring maintenance is shown in the following figures:


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