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TM 55-1905-220-14-9
During dryer motor operation the circuit to the motor windings is from the Black terminal block,
through the timer contacts, Black to Brown, through the dryer door switch contacts, through the thermal fuse,
through the double throw governor operated motor switch contacts, the dryer motor main winding, motor
overload to the grounded or White terminal block connection. The buzzer coil is in effect connected across the
Black to Brown timer contact. The timer contact when closed maintains a no resistance circuit to the dryer
motor and no current flow through the buzzer coil. As the timer cams open the Black to Brown contact at the
end of the cycle, the buzzer coil carries the circuit to the dryer motor through the door switch, the thermal fuse,
the governor operated motor switch, etc., to the White terminal block connection. The power to the motor
windings through the buzzer coil is not enough to maintain motor operation and the motor stops. During the
period of time that the motor switch remains closed to the Brown motor terminal, the buzzer will sound. The
period of time that the buzzer is operating is determined by the motor's rate of deceleration.
Dryer air circulation system.
The laundry center drying system utilizes an efficient air circulation system. Air enters the drum
through openings located in the stationary rear panel after it has passed over the heating element, also located
in the rear panel of the dryer. The heated air passes through the circulating clothes that are being tumbled by
the rotation of the drum cylinder. The moisture-laden air then passes through the perforated front panel of the
lint screen compartment and through the lint screen filter. Lint is filtered out of the air and the moist air then
passes into the duct and on to the blower housing. This air is then blown through the blower housing outlet,
through the flexible duct to be discharged through the exhaust opening.
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