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TM 55-1905-220-14-9
Operator's Maintenance.
(a)  Maintenance checks and inspection made frequently by the operator will ensure dependable
operation. This equipment has no built in test features.
(b)  Operator's checks and adjustments. The internal batteries must be replaced when run down
beyond there useful life, as described in paragraph c. At this time other preventative maintenance may be
performed, as described in the following steps.
1  Battery inspection.  Unloosen the four captive screws (1) and remove the lung cover
assembly (2). The eight dry cell batteries (3), can be easily removed. At this time inspect the battery contact
springs in evidences of poor contact surfaces. Clean up with metal polish if necessary, unless the springs are
badly corroded, and in this event the whole contact plate (4) should be replaced. (Refer to Direct Support


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