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TM 55-1905-220-14-9
Purpose of Equipment.
(1)  Tank level indicator (TLI) systems provide a means of deter- mining the levels of fluids stored in
shipboard fluid tanks. The level of fluid is indicated on meters contained in system components distributed
throughout the ship. Meter deflection is continuous.
(2)  Electrical signals representing the fluid level that has been detected can also be examined to determine
whether the fluid level lies within predetermined values in the associated tanks. If the fluid level falls below or
rises above these predetermined values, audible, visual and/or electrical signal alarm indications provided at
TLI system are components and at other shipboard locations.
Overall Block Diagram - Functional Operation.
(1)  A level indication circuit housed within a receiver module or receiver panel develops a calibrated
voltage that is fed over ship's wiring to connect to a fluid level detector in the tank. The fluid level detector is
comprised of one transmitter. The type of transmitter comprising the fluid level detector is determined by the
size of the tank and the type of fluid level indication that is desired.


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