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TM 55-1905-220-14-9
Receivers convert the electrical signals generated by the fluid level detection devices (transmitters) to
deflections on meters calibrated in gallons.
Detailed Block Diagram.
Receiver Module.
The circuits stages that perform the level indication when using a receiver module are shown
below. The +17-volt dc level generated by the power distribution circuits is applied to CALIBRATE
potentiometer R5 located in the level indication circuit on the receiver module. The connection of CALIBRATE
potentiometer R5 is such that it forms a voltage divider with serially connected transmitters located in the tank.
The setting of CALIBRATE potentiometer R5 is adjusted to cause a selected portion of the +17-volt dc level to
be applied as a calibrated voltage level across the transmitters. The amplitude of the calibrated voltage level is
that which produces maximum deflection of fluid level meter M1 on the receiver module when the fluid level is
at its maximum.
A float on the transmitter causes a portion of the calibrated voltage that is proportional to the
height of the float is fed Ago to ON-OFF-FULL REF. switch contacts S1-C. During operation, ON-OFF-FULL
REF. switch S1 is in the ON position and the level signal is applied to slosh dampening network R1-R2-C1.
Slosh dampening network R1-R2-C1 integrates any changes in the level signal amplitude and thereby
compensates for variations caused by the sloshing of fluid in the tank. The slosh-dampened meter signal at the
output of the net-work is fed to the plus terminal of fluid level meter M1. The minus terminal of meter M1 is
connected directly on the 17-volt return via a jumper connection.
Fluid level meter M1 on the receiver module is deflected by an amount determined by the
amplitude of the signal. In On-OFF-FULL REF. switch S1 is placed in the FULL REF. positin, the full calibrated
voltage output of CALIBRATE potentiometer R5 is connected through resistor R3, when simulates the
resistance of resistor in the transmitter, to the slosh dampening network in place of the fluid level signal. With
the full calibrated voltage applied to the meter, CALIBRATE potentiometer R5 is set at the position that
corresponds to maximum meter deflection.


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