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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Table 6-1. Troubleshooting (Continued).
Step 5.
Check drive shaft seal rings for damage.
Replace damaged or worn seal rings. Refer to paragraph 6-28.
Condition C - When selector valve is placed in reverse. Check for worn or broken reverse piston seal rings.
Remove and replace reverse piston seal rings. Refer to paragraph 6-39.
3. Geardragging: Drive Shaft Rotates with Selector Valve in Neutral.
Condition A - After moving selector valve from forward to neutral.
Step 1.a. Check for sticking forward clutch plate.
b. Inspect clutch plate for wear.
Replace clutch plate if facings are worn smooth or shows evidence of sticking.
Step 2.
Check forward clutch plate for loose or broken facing material.
Facing material may lodge between clutch plate and piston or reaction plate. Remove.
Replace clutch plate if facing is worn or broken.
Step 3.
Inspect forward piston drive pins for burrs.
Burred pins could prevent piston from moving into disengaged position.
Replace burred pins with new ones. Refer to paragraph 6-39.


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