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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Any defective insulator, screw,
washer, lead, stud, plate, etc.,
should be replaced. Replace
any cracked, bent, worn,
burned insulators or washers
that are defective. Studs
or screws which are bent,
battered, broken, or which
have crossed or damaged
threads, must be replaced.
Leads which have broken
strands or frayed insulation
are must be replaced.
g. If the field insulation is
charred or chafed so that
the windings are exposed, it
is sometimes possible to
rewrap them with insulating
tape (0.007 x 1/2 glass
tape-Specification MIL-I-3158)
and paint them with insulating
varnish (Specification
MIL-V-1137 grade CB). This
operation must be executed with
care and neatness since exces-
sive bulkiness of the tape
will prevent reassembling the
windings under the pole shoes
in the proper manner.
Soldered connections must be
made with rosin core solder
(Federal Specification
h. If the commutator is worn,
out-of-round by more than
0.003 inch (.076 mm), has
high mica, filled slot, or
is burned, mount the armature
by the shaft bearing surfaces
in a lathe and take light
cuts until the commutator is
completely cleaned up.


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