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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
A dynamometer heat exchanger should have a coolant free flow rating equal to the water flow requirement of 57
gallons per minute.
The rate of water circulation through the engine on a dynamometer should be sufficient to avoid having the
engine outlet water temperature more than 10 higher than the water inlet temperature. Though a 10 temperature
rise across an engine is recommended, it has been found that a 15 temperature rise maximum can be permitted.
A thermostat is used in the engine to control the coolant flow; therefore, be sure it is fully operative or the engine
will overheat during the RUN-IN.
The overhauled engine should be tested without a thermostat if the dynamometer has a water standpipe with a
regulator, such as a Taylor valve or its equivalent.
Change the lubricating oil and replace the oil filter elements after completing the RUN-IN to remove any metallic
or foreign material accumulated during this period.
a. Dynamometer Test and Run-in Procedures.
(1) The Basic Engine.
Performance ratings center about the basic engine. The great number of engine applications make any attempt
to establish comparisons for each individual model impractical. For this reason, each model has a basic engine rating for
comparison purposes.
A basic engine includes only the optional equipment actually required to run the engine. The addition of any
other engine driven equipment would result in a brake horsepower less than the indicated values in the "Basic Run-In
Horsepower Schedule" below. The following are included on the basic engine--blower, fuel pump, water circulating
pump, and governor. The following typify items not considered on the basic engine, battery charging generator, raw
water pump, torqmatic converter, power take-off, torqmatic marine gear, etc.
In situations where other than basic engine equipment is used during the test, proper record of this fact should be
made on the test report form. The effects of this additional equipment on engine performance should then be considered
when evaluating test results.


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