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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
Fuel oil pressure may be taken by removing the 1/4" pipe plug from the end of the fuel inlet manifold and
attaching a 0-100 psi gage. Pressure should be recorded and should fall within the specified range. Fuel pressure
should be recorded at maximum engine rpm during the Basic Run-In.
Air box pressure should be checked while the engine is operating at maximum rpm and load. This check may be
made by attaching a suitable gage (0-15 psi) or manometer (10-0-10) to an air box drain or to a hand hole cover
prepared for this purpose. If an air box drain is used as a source for this check, it must be clean. The air box pressure,
in inches of mercury, should be recorded.
Crankcase pressure should be checked while the engine is operating at maximum run-in speed. Attach a gage
or manometer, calibrated to read in inches of water, to the oil level dipstick opening. Normally, crankcase pressure
should decrease during the run-in indicating that new rings are beginning to be "seated".
The inlet restriction should be measured in inches of water while the engine is operating at maximum run-in
speed and should fall within the specified limits. Record this reading on the Engine Test Report. Attach the gage to a
fitting installed in the 1/4" pipe tapped hole located in the air inlet housing.
Exhaust back pressure should be recorded in inches of mercury and should be within the designated limits.
Many exhaust manifolds are provided with a 1/8" pipe tapped hole near the outlet flange. Install a fitting for a pressure
gage or manometer in this hole. Care should be exercised so the fitting does not protrude into the stack.
Determine the maximum rated horsepower for this engine from the engine option plate at the full load speed to
be used during the Final Run-In. Apply the load thus determined to the dynamometer. The engine should be run at this
speed and load for 30 minutes. While making the Final Run-In, the engine should develop, within 5%, the maximum
rated horsepower indicated for the speed at which it is operating. If this horsepower is not developed, the cause should
be determined and corrections made.


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