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TM 55-1905-221-14-3
IDLER GEAR.(Continued).
TEST (Cont)
g. If the scale reading is within
the specified 1/2 to 6-3/4
lbs. (2.22 to 30.03 N)
specified but fluctuates more
than 2 lbs. 11 ounces (11.98
N) the idler gear and bearing
assembly must NOT be installed
on the engine. Fluctuations
in scale reading may be
caused by the races not being
concentric to each other,
damage races or rollers, or
dirt or foreign material
within the bearings. In
these cases, the bearing
should be inspected for the
cause of fluctuation in the
scale readings and corrected
or a new bearing installed.
h. A scale reading which exceeds
the specified maximum indi-
cates binding of the bearing
rollers, or rollers improperly
installed. When the scale
reading is less than the
specified minimum, the
bearing is more likely worn
and the bearing should be
After pre-load check is
completed, remove the steel
plates and install the
bearing retainer (5) as
1. Attach the bearing retainer
to the idler gear with six
screws (3) and three screw
locks (4). Tighten the
screws to 24-29 1b-ft
(32.5-39.3 Nm) torque.


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