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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-30. FUEL PUMP (Continued).
d. The mating faces of
the pump body (6) and
cover (7) must be flat
and smooth and fit
tightly together. Any
scratches or slight
damage may result in
pressure leaks. Also
check for wear at
areas contacted
by gears and shafts.
Replace the cover or
body if necessary.
e. The relief valve (8)
must be free from
score marks and
burrs and fit its seat
in the pump body. If
the relief valve is
scored and cannot be
cleaned up with
fine emery cloth or
crocus cloth, the
valve must be replaced.
f. The valve spring (9)
has a free length of
1.97 inches and
requires a load of
7.3 .2 lbs. to
compress it to a
length of 1.18 inches
when new. If the
spring falls below the
replace the spring.


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