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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
(5) If there is excessive
clearance between the
plunger and the bushing,
the operator will be unable
to pump up pressure beyond
normal valve opening (pop)
pressure. Replacement
of the plunger and bushing
is then necessary.
(6) Pump the test fixture and
maintain a pressure of 1600
to 2000 pounds per square
inch and inspect for leaks
at the injector filter cap
gaskets, body plugs, injector
nut seal ring area, and
injector rack hole.
e. Spray pattern test.
(1) With the injector in the
FULL FUEL position, stroke
the pump operating handle to
maintain a fuel pressure just
below the valve opening (pop)
pressure [1.b.(1) above].
(2) Pop the injector several
times with the popping
handle and observe the spray
pattern at the spray tip
orifice. Fuel should be
discharged from each orifice
and the spray should produce
a uniform pattern.
(3) If the spray tip does not
produce a uniform pattern,
clean the orifice of the
spray tip during overhaul
of the injector.


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