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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
(b) Compress the follower
spring, then using a screw
driver, raise spring above
stop pin and remove the
pin. Allow the plunger
spring to raise gradually.
(c) Remove the injector from
the holding fixture and
turn injector up side down,
to prevent entry of dirt
in injector and catch the
spring and plunger in hand.
(d) Inspect the plunger. If
chipped, replace the plunger
and bushing after the fuel
output test is performed.
Plunger (B as shown),
illustrates a chipped
plunger at the helix.
A. Dirt in fuel. Shows advanced stages of abrasive matter in fuel.
B. Chipped at low helix.
C. This condition caused by lack of fuel at high speed, or water in fuel.


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