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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
j. Position a drill motor in a
vice and mount the lapping
tool in the motor as shown
and place a small amount of
oil mixture on the tool.
k. Place the valve seat over the
pilot of the tool and start
the drill. Holding the
valve with the fingers, touch
it lightly against the
rotating lapping tool to
produce a uniform seat at
the hole. After lapping
the edge of the hole in this
manner, flat lap the face of
the seat lightly, then clean
and examine the width of the
edge. Width of the chamfer
produced at the edge of the
hole should be within .002
to .005 inch. A width in
excess of these limits will
lower the pop pressure of
the injector.


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