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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-31. FUEL INJECTORS (Continued).
12. Spray Tip and
a. Support injector body bottom
Valve Parts
end up in holding fixture.
b. Place packing (17) on shoulder
of injector body.
c. Place spill deflector (10)
over barrel of body.
d. Install valve seat (16),
injector valve (15), valve
spring (14), valve stem (13),
cage (12), check valve (11),
and spray tip (9) into
injector nut (8).
13. Injector Nut
a. Lubricate the threads in the
injector nut (8) and carefully
thread the nut on the injector
body by hand. Rotate the
spray tip between your thumb
and first finger while thread-
ing the nut on the injector
body. Tighten the nut as
tight as possible by hand.
At this point there should
be sufficient force on the
spray tip to make it impos-
sible to turn with your
b. Use socket J6868-01 and a
torque wrench to tighten the
injector nut to 75-85 lb-ft
(101.7-115.2 Nm) torque.
Do not exceed the specified torque. Otherwise, the nut may be stretched and
result in improper sealing of the lapped surfaces in a subsequent injector


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