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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-33. RAW WATER PUMP (Continued).
c. Install bearing (22) on
Support splined
shaft (23).
end of new shaft
(23) on wood
block on bed of
arbor press.
Start new
bearing (22)
straight on
shaft and, using
a sleeve between
ram of press and
inner race of
bearing, press
bearing on shaft
tight against
shoulder on shaft.
d. Install retaining ring (21)
Use new ring.
in groove on pump shaft.
e. Slide sleeve spacer (20)
over splined end of shaft.
f. Lubricate lip of seal (19),
Use new seal.
and slide over splined end
of shaft.
g. Push spacer (20) and seal
(19) up against bearing
h. Install deflector (18) in
Use new
pump body.
i. Install plain seal (17) in
Use new seal.
pump body.
Insert splined
end of shaft into
flanged end of
housing and start
seal (17) straight
into counterbore
in housing.
Support housing in


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