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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-33. RAW WATER PUMP (Continued).
l. Clamp gear and shaft in a
Tighten nut to
soft-jawed vise and install
25-30 lb-ft
lockwasher (14) and locknut
(34 - 41 Nm)
torque. Do not
exceed specified
torque, other-
wise shaft
fracture and con-
sequent early
pump failure may
result. Remove
gear from vise.
m. Position pump to adaptor
Use new gasket.
gasket (12) in place.
n. Position adaptor (10) in
Make sure scribe
place on pump body (11) and
marks are align-
secure with lockwashers (9)
ed on pump body
and cap screws (8).
and adaptor.
o. Install packing (7) and flat
washer (6) in body.
p. Install seal (5) on pump
Use new seal.
drive shaft (23).
q. Compress impeller blades
Use new
enough to clear offset cam
(25) and press impeller (4)
onto splined end of drive
shaft (23).
r. Position cover plate gasket
Use new gasket.
(3) in place on pump body
(11) .
s. Install cover (2) onto body
Use new cover
(11) with screws (1).
and screws.
t. Secure retaining plate (29)
and drive plate (28) to
flywheel housing with bolts


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