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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-34. ENGINE SPEED GOVERNOR (Continued).
Ball bearing (71) has thrust capacity in one direction only. Be sure to install the bearing so that
the thrust shoulder is toward the governor weights as shown. Otherwise, the force exerted by
the weights will pull the inner race and ball assembly away from the outer race and result in
damage to the bearing and erratic governor operation.
o. Support the splined end of the
shaft on the bed of an arbor
press. Start the shaft end
bearing (71) in the housing and
over the end of the shaft with
the numbered side of the
bearing facing away from the
shaft. Press the bearing in
place with a sleeve that bears
against the inner race.
p. Place key washer (62) over
shaft (67).
q. Thread bearing retainer bolt
(61) into tapped end of shaft
and tighten.


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