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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-34. ENGINE SPEED GOVERNOR (Continued).
5. Governor
a. Install copper gasket (57)
If removed.
and screw (56) into housing
b. Thread hex nut (55) onto
If removed.
buffer screw with spring
(54) and thread screw into
housing (22).
c. Install pins (53).
If removed.
d. Install pin (52), gap
If removed.
adjusting hex nut (51),
and setscrew (50) in bell
crank (46).
e. Press bushing (49) into
governor shaft fork (45).
f. Place flatwasher (48) over
short finished end of
governor shaft (44).
g. Place bearing (47) over
end of shaft (44).
h. Support opposite end of
Use a sleeve
shaft on bed of a press
which has the
and press bearing (47) on
same diameter as
the shaft against washer
bearing inner
i. Place bell crank (46) over
end of shaft with pin (52)
up with flat on shaft
registering with flat
surface in bell crank.
j. Press bell crank onto shaft
(44) tight against bearing


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