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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-34. ENGINE SPEED GOVERNOR (Continued).
n. Support the operating shaft and
control housing in an arbor press
with the upper end of the operating
shaft resting on a steel block.
Align the flat in the fork with
the flat on the operating shaft.
Then, place a sleeve over the end
of the shaft and rest it on the
fork. Bring the ram of the press
down on the sleeve and press the
fork straight down and tight
against the shoulder on the shaft.
o. Install setscrew (43) in governor
shaft fork (45).
p. Coat outer edges of expansion
plug with sealant and press plug
(40) into housing (22).
q. Install flatwasher (42) and
bearing retaining lockwasher
assembly (41) to secure bearing
r. Install pin (39) in differential
lever (38).
s. Place differential lever (38)
over pin of bell crank (46).
t. Secure with flatwasher (37) and
retainer (36).
u. Thread the locknut (27) on the
high speed spring retainer
(28) approximately 1-1/2 inch.
Place the high speed spring
(31) over the high speed spring
plunger (32) with the tightly
wound end of the spring against
the shoulder of the plunger.


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