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TM 55-1905-221-14-4
6-34. ENGINE SPEED GOVERNOR (Continued).
w. Insert the low speed spring (34)
in the low speed spring cap (35)
and the small end of the spring
seat (33) in the opposite end of
the low speed spring (34).
x. Insert the low speed spring seat
and low speed spring and cap
assembly in the high speed spring
plunger (32) with the spring seat
(33) against the shoulder of the
idle screw (30).
y. Start the governor high speed
spring assembly into the opening
of the control housing (22) and
thread the high speed spring
retainer (28) in the housing
approximately 1 inch.
z. Install high speed spring cover
gasket (26), housing (25),
mounting lockwashers (24) and cap
screws (23).


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